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AT&T Will Now Charge for "Turbo" 5G

AT&T has introduced a new add-on plan called Turbo for $7/month that promises "enhanced data connectivity for real-time responsiveness and improved stability". AT&T says the feature is ideal for "gaming, social video broadcasting and live video conferencing". AT&T confirmed to The Verge that it has technically lowered the network priority level (QCI) for existing plans and this new offering lets users buy their way back into the priority level they had previously. However AT&T claims that existing plans should not notice any degradation without Turbo, and Turbo is more like a new, faster service, due to "increased network resources and relative weighting". Turbo can be added or removed at any time. It is only available to customers already on premium unlimited plans (Unlimited Premium PL, Unlimited Extra EL, and Unlimited Elite).

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