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T-Mobile is Testing Its Second Line Service in Select Markets

T-Mobile is now letting some of its customers experience having a “Second Line.” 

As shared by The Mobile Report, this feature is currently being tested in “very select markets.”  

Some important information about Second Line that you should know: 

  • It doesn’t come with data and is meant to just be a second number on the same line. 

  • Compatible devices can use a single physical SIM and an eSIM, or a couple of eSIMs.

If this feature is familiar, that’s because it’s similar to T-Mobile’s DIGITS line, which it has been offering since 2017. DIGITS, however, offers a number and data while Second Line doesn’t. 

The price of the service starts at $25. But there is a Hybrid BAN discount that can reduce this price to $15. You’ll need to have a voice line to get the Second Line and the discount. 

Having a second phone number can be a great way to separate your personal and work contacts. It can also serve as a phone number for a side hustle you are working on. 

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