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MVNO Spotlight: SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a company that offers a service compatible with Lifeline, operated by the company of TracFone. Lifeline is a government benefit program that subsidizes free or discounted telephone service, only offered to eligible low-income or disabled consumers.

The service is not transferable and is limited to one mobile or fixed Lifeline telephone line per household.1 Currently the company is a subsidiary of América Móvil's Tracfone Wireless.

Customers can apply for service through the SafeLink website, by fax or by mail. Eligible participants receive at least 1,000 minutes of domestic talk time, unlimited text messages and a fixed amount of data each month; Details vary by state.

Units of service may carry over to the next month, depending on the plan used. If the customer exceeds the allowance, there is no service until the beginning of the next month unless the customer purchases more units. Customer may use TracFone airtime cards, including promotions for free bonus minutes.

The company offers a number of free plans to its consumers:

· Free 1,000 monthly minutes plan, unlimited text messages, 3 GB data. The disadvantage is that the minutes do not roll over to the next month. Available in all states where the provider currently operates, except California.

· Unlimited free monthly minutes plan, unlimited SMS messages, 1GB data. This is the company's California Lifeline plan.

SafeLink offers cell phones and smartphones usually from Motorola, Nokia, LG and Kyocera, primarily for new consumers who have the choice. There is also another option where the user can update the model of his mobile phone, being a greater benefit.

Network: Tracfone


· Provides free plans

· Bring your own phone and receive the same benefits as people who do receive a free phone

· Unlimited texts

· Refills automatically close to the same time each month

· Available seven days a week


· There may only be one type of plan available for your area

· The basics may or may not be enough for your needs

· Plans offered appear to be determined by zip code

· No rollover when it comes to unused balance

· May not get a choice in phones if you opt in for a free phone

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