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AT&T raises internet speeds for entry and middle Fiber plans

After raising prices on some of its wireless plans, AT&T announced another “raise” but this time it’s good news. New AT&T Fiber customers will benefit from increased internet speeds starting today. The speed increase is only available for entry and mid-level plans, which will get a 200Mbps boost to their upload and download speeds.

Basically, AT&T’s cheapest Fiber plan, the 100Mbps plan will now become Internet 300, while the previous 300Mbps plan will increase to 500Mbps, thus becoming the new Internet 500 plan. The 1 GIG plan (Internet 1000) remains unchanged for now.

After the change, AT&T will offer customers three Fiber plan tailored for different needs:

  • 1 GIG: $60/month for a year + taxes and $10/month equip fee

  • 500Mbps: $45/month for a year + taxes and $10/month equip fee

  • 300Mbps: $35/month for a year + taxes and $10/month equip fee

Additionally, AT&T announced that it will offer its Internet Security to Fiber customers at no additional cost. Those who want the extra protection can access the Smart Home Manager app and receive an automatic guard from online threats through their whole household, including on Wi-Fi.

Typically, US carriers will offer these kinds of deals to new customers, but in this case AT&T is taking a slightly different approach. Eligible existing AT&T Fiber customers currently on Internet 100 and 300 will be automatically upgraded to Internet 300 and 500 at no additional cost.

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