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Verizon updates its 5G plans, adds permanent Apple Arcade/Google Play Pass subscription

Verizon announced that it is changing its 5G Play More Unlimited and 5G Get More plans to make them more appealing to customers and more competitive in an ever-growing market.

The updated plans now include Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass subscription included for free as long as you keep the plan. Previously both plans gave only 12 months of free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, so this is a major improvement if you like playing mobile games.

Since it updated its 5G Play More Unlimited plan from the previous Play More Unlimited plan, Verizon customers are getting a lot of new features, not just permanent Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass ($5/month value), which has only been added recently.

For example, 5G Play More Unlimited subscribers are getting 25GB premium Mobile Hotspot data then unlimited at reduced speed (previous plan versions gave 15GB 5G nationwide / 4G LTE mobile hotspot data), up to 50% off 5G Home or LTE Home Internet or $30 off Fios Gigabit Connection, as well as Call Filter spam blocker for free.

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