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Boost Mobile Launches Mix & Match Family Plans With Discounts In Dealer Stores

A source confirmed to BestMVNO that the Boost Mobile dealer channel is undergoing some changes.

Dealers can now provide customers the ability to mix and match plans on their accounts with discounts on Boost's flagship store plans. Customers on Boost's $50 and $60 store plans will receive a $20 discount for each additional line added to their account, starting with the second line through line five.

This discount applies regardless of whether the account has two or more $60 plans, a mix of $60 and $50 plans, or two or more $50 plans. For example, if an account includes both a $60 plan and a $50 plan, the first line will cost $60, and the second line will cost $30 after the $20 family plan discount is applied to the $50 plan. Previously, multiline accounts were only combinable with the same priced plans. Customers can add other Boost Mobile plans to their accounts but will not receive any additional discounts on them.

Boost Mobile has also made some changes as to how plan downgrades and sidegrades work. Plan sidegrades and downgrades can now be made instantly with an immediate data refresh. Previously, customers would have to wait until their next monthly bill to be able to change plans. Of course, there is a catch here, only one downgrade and one sidegrade are allowed every 6 months.

Customers receiving a device discount can also change plans but only within the same device discount tier. After 12 months though they are free to change to any plan. However, some store plans, generally priced below $40 are still restricted to being new customer-only plans. Boost Mobile offers store customers a "premium device discount tier" and a base device discount tier. The premium tier offers higher discounts on devices than the base tier. Plans priced $50 and up are eligible for the premium tier. Under the old system, customers on multi-line plans receiving a device discount would be forever on that plan. Boost Mobile is pitching to dealers that the device discount tiers will allow customers to select their own discount on a device based on the phone and plan they choose.

Dealers currently have a limited-time offer available to customers. They can upgrade customers for free without the usual prorated charges that would be applied for the remainder of their billing cycle. Existing multi-line customers wanting device discounts can upgrade their plans to receive one. They'll also get an immediate data refresh. However, there may be a gotcha with that as well. Customers who upgrade to a more premium plan may be locked into it for 6 months before they can downgrade again.

Boost Mobile's store plans are still different than their online plans. The $50 and $60 store plans include 40GB and 50GB of data respectively with the same amount of hotspot data. Taxes and fees are included. The online-only $60 plan includes just 30GB of high-speed data before throttling and taxes and fees cost extra.

Editor's Take

The changes Boost Mobile is making do appear to make things, in general, easier on consumers. However, they still have unnecessary and ludicrous restrictions in place around plan changes.

In-store customers should be able to freely change plans whenever they want, as long as they don't have a device discount. Boost Mobile's online plans don't seem immune to restrictions either. According to Boost Mobile's terms and conditions: "Unless we tell you otherwise, you may switch to any current service plan. If you switch service plans, you may not receive a refund of any portion of any previously paid charges and you may lose all of your remaining unused minutes, messages, and data allotment. Some service plans are available only on certain phones. Check for details and options. Repeated switching is not permitted and may result in termination of service." Boost Mobile's FAQs may contradict their terms and conditions as no mention of repeated plan switching resulting in termination is mentioned there.

Policies like these have contributed to DISH losing wireless customers nearly every quarter since acquiring Boost Mobile in 2020. Additionally, having too many plans with cheaper pricing restricted to new customers can be off-putting for current subscribers. DISH needs to address these issues to start growing its subscriber base again.

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