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Verizon sweetens its unlimited prepaid deals with a (limited) Disney+ freebie

It's safe to say that Verizon's prepaid plans are not the cheapest (or the most value-packed) such options US wireless consumers can get nowadays, but while the nation-leading carrier has no known intentions to reduce its pay-as-you-go prices anytime soon, you can at least look forward to a hot new perk.

Starting today, July 27, new and upgrading Verizon Prepaid customers have six complimentary months of Disney+ access included with their Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans. That's exactly what Big Red's postpaid subscribers get with a $70 5G Start or $80 5G Do More service tier, although it's obviously not as valuable a freebie as what's included in a $90 5G Get More or $80 5G Play More option.

Verizon's prepaid Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans, mind you, start at $65 and $75 a month respectively, dropping by 5 bucks with Auto Pay after your first 30 days of service and scoring you additional loyalty discounts of $5 and $10 a month after four and 10 months of uninterrupted service respectively.

Unfortunately, existing Prepaid Unlimited and Unlimited Plus users are not eligible for the six-month Disney+ freebie, with a new activation between today and January 31, 2023 being the key requirement and restriction of this otherwise simple, straightforward, and cool deal.

There's also a fairly inconvenient special condition on Disney's end to take into consideration, as only new subscribers of the wildly popular 2019-released streaming platform can get this Verizon offer. If you do manage to take advantage of the extended free trial, keep in mind that you will be billed $7.99 a month automatically after the end of your promotional period if you don't cancel your subscription.

While timid all in all, this move could pressure T-Mobile into spreading some of its postpaid free Netflix love to prepaid customers, which are currently charged $50 a month and up for "unlimited" services with no kind of streaming perks included. (Prepaid) game on!

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