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Verizon’s 2020 Motorola Edge+ finally receives the Android 12 update

One of the older Edge series phones, the 2020 Edge+, is getting what we believe it will be its last major OS update, Android 12. Motorola’s former flagship originally launched with Android 10 on board but was upgraded to Android 11 last year.

Not really like clockwork, but Motorola is now delivering Verizon customers who bought the 2020 Edge+ the next major update, Android 12. The Big Red has already updated the phone’s support page to reflect the changes and listed some of the new features it added to the phone.

  • P-Early-Media header: Enjoy a shorter call setup time and better voice quality for Motorola HD Voice phones.

  • Advanced Calling user interface: Advanced Calling is now enabled by default and the user interface has been removed.

  • Verizon Location Agent (VLA) app: The Verizon Location Agent app has been removed.

  • Verizon Digital Secure: A new version of the Verizon Digital Secure app has been added (ver.

  • N5 to N5 handover: Resolved a cell detection issue.

In addition, Verizon confirmed that the update includes the March security patch. We have no idea if Motorola plans to further provide Android 13 to the 2020-old flagship, but chances are slim that the US-based company will go out of its way to deliver a third major OS update to this particular Edge+ model.

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