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The Galaxy Z Flip3 And Z Fold3 Are $1000 Off For New Lines On Premium Plans

T-Mobile has another sweet offer for premium plans.

According to leaked documents, embedded below, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are $1000 off when purchased on EIP on a premium plan. This marks yet another promotion that’s twice as good for premium plan users.

Customers on non-premium plans get $500 off instead.

The offer doesn’t require a trade-in, either. Customers simply need to add a line to qualify for the promotion. Plus, right now there’s a BOGO add-a-line offer too, so you can get two lines for the price of one and a free Flip3. It’s unclear if you can get the offer on the free line as well. There’s a limit of 4 redemptions per account for the offer.

The offer appears to have started on October 29th with no apparent announcement from T-Mobile. You can purchase the Flip3 and the Fold3 on T-Mobile’s website.

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