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T-Mobile’s new tool helps you pick out the right Home Internet Lite plan for you

A few days ago, it was reported that T-Mobile is coming up with a Home Internet Lite option. While the Lite name doesn’t necessarily mean it is a cheaper option for customers, it provides customers in areas with network congestion and limited capacity a way to get Home Internet too. If this is a plan that’s suitable for you at this time, here’s a tool that can be helpful to you.

T-Mobile has a new “Data Usage Calculator” tool that can help you pick out the right Home Internet Lite plan for you. Unlike the standard Home Internet service, Home Internet Lite comes in 4 different plan options. You can decide how much data you need every month so you can pick out the plan to get. Here are your options:

  • $50/month for 100GB of data

  • $75/month for 150GB of data

  • $100/month for 200GB of data

  • $150/month for 300GB of data

The Data Usage Calculator was first spotted by The T-Mo Report. You can use it to check how much data you need based on your internet usage. The tool comes with sliders that you can adjust to indicate how many hours per day you use data for video streaming, social media, and gaming. While you adjust the sliders, you also get a total estimate on the bottom. It will show you which Home Internet Lite plan suits you best for your usage.

If your usage goes over 300GB, the tool will recommend “Internet Lite may not be the right product for you based on your data usage.” While 300GB may not seem a lot for many people, those living in these areas have no other option but to accept this data cap right now. And at this time, it can already be enough for their needs… at least until T-Mobile expands its Home Internet coverage to these areas, which it plans to do in the near future.

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