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T-Mobile’s $10 Connect Plan is No Longer Available

It looks like T-Mobile could be shaking things up with its monthly rate plan options. 

As reported by Deutsche Bank’s analyst, Bryan Kraft (via PhoneArena), the Un-carrier might need to increase its prices sometime in June. The analyst said:

T-Mobile has been more measured than its large competitors in talking price, actually doing very little to date. While T-Mobile now seems about to take a somewhat larger bite of the apple, we think that the company is taking care to remain underneath of the AT&T and Verizon pricing umbrella and maintain its position as the value leader in the market.”

This could be a reason why the Un-carrier’s $10 Connect plan is no longer available on its website. As spotted by a Redditor, the plan is no longer on its website, which it was previously spotted just four days ago. Another user shared that this plan is now only available via assisted channels and in-stores. But this could change in the future.  

The $10 Connect plan was first introduced as part of the Un-carrier’s “5G for Good” campaign. They offered the plan with 1GB of data, 1,000 minutes of talk, and 1,000 texts. Now that this plan is no longer available, the cheapest plan that customers can sign up for is the $15 per month plan. 

We’ll have to wait until June to see if this plan will still be available via assisted channels and in-store options. 

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