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T-Mobile offers 1 Gbps fiber internet in 3 cities

Rumors have swirled for more than a year about T-Mobile getting into the fiber business. Although company executives have offered only vague responses to questions on the topic.

Today, some users on Reddit noticed that T-Mobile is advertising 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps fiber offerings in the cities of Northglenn and Pueblo, Colorado, as well as New York City.

According to cards sent to some residents of the Colorado cities, the prices for T-Mobile’s internet start at $55 per month for the 500 Mbps service. The cards don't specify the price for the 1 Gbps service.

Its moves in Colorado follow an August 2021 pilot in New York, where T-Mobile trialed a symmetrical gigabit fiber service. And now the company is offering commercial service in

T-Mobile’s fiber offer includes free set-up of the service along with a Wi-Fi 6 router. And the company websites say it does not require a contract. “We’re so much more than wireless,” say the websites.

Last November, Bloomberg reported that T-Mobile was working with Citigroup to find potential partners to build a fiber network targeting the home broadband market, pinning the potential value of a JV at $4 billion.

On its most recent earnings call, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert was asked if T-Mobile had wireline ambitions. He said the company hadn’t decided, “But if we did it, it would be because it’s good business, not because we feel like there’s some flank that we have exposed that we need to protect.”

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