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Simple Mobile Has $40 Unlimited Plan Offer

A few weeks back, Tracfone brand Simple Mobile launched a new dealer only promotion. Customers who shop at either a Total Wireless Store or a Simple Mobile authorized dealer are able to pick up an unlimited plan for just $40/month. This limited-time offer is currently scheduled to be available until at least 3/31/21. Simple Mobile does have a history of extending offers indefinitely, so I wouldn't be surprised for the same thing to happen here. In the past, the T-Mobile based MVNO has also made deals available exclusively for a period of time through its dealer channel only to later extend availability to other channels. So it is possible we'll later see this become more widely available through the Simple Mobile website and through retail stores such as Target and Best Buy.

Simple Mobile normally sells a plan with 15GB of data at the $40 price point ($37.50 with auto-refill), and its unlimited high-speed data offerings begin at $50/month. Based on those other plans, this seems like a pretty good deal for Simple Mobile fans.

This $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Has Some Fine Print

Like all promotions, there is some fine print attached to this offer.

Hotspot is prohibited with the $40 unlimited plan offering in contrast to Simple Mobile's $50 plan which includes 5GB of mobile hotspot. The $40 plan is for new single lines of activation only and requires a port-in. Subscribers porting from another Tracfone Wireless brand are excluded from the promo. Auto-pay billing is also a requirement. The deal becomes void if customers change their phone numbers.

Aside from those differences, the $40 and $50 unlimited plans have the same fine print. Video streaming is limited to a maximum resolution of 480p. During times of network congestion, customers may experience slower data speeds compared to customers subscribed to T-Mobile. Subscribers consuming over 40GB of data in a month may have data speeds further reduced during congestion.

Simple Mobile continues to be a hot sell for dealers. The firm Wave7 Research recently reported to its subscribers that the brand was a clear winner in its dealer survey taken in the 4th quarter of 2020. Simple Mobile was sold by 26 of 30 dealers surveyed and was the top or second best-selling brand for 21 of those surveyed. As long as Simple Mobile continues to take care of its dealers with great dealer exclusive promos like the $40 unlimited plan promo, the trend should continue into the first quarter of 2021.

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