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Optimum Mobile Quietly Raises Prices Of Select Plans

Optimum Mobile has quietly raised the prices of its budget wireless plans. It's has also raised the price of all of its plans for customers that aren't also Optimum internet customers.

Previously, Optimum internet subscribers got up to $15/month off their Optimum Mobile plan. Now the discount is a flat $20 off of all plans. This equates to a price hike of at least $5 for customers that don't have Optimum internet.

Optimum Mobile offers two budget wireless plans. One plan includes 1GB of high-speed data before throttling, while the other includes 3GB.

The 1GB plan was previously available for $14/month to customers who also subscribed to Optimum Internet. Without the internet subscription, the plan cost $19/month. Now the price of the plan has been increased to $15/month per line for those with an internet subscription and to $35/month per line without it.

The 3GB plan was previously available for $22/month with an internet subscription and $32/month without. The price of the plan is now $25/month per line with Optimum internet or $45/month without.

Optimum's $45 Unlimited (20GB) and $55 Unlimited Max (50GB) plans remain unchanged except they now cost $20/month more instead of $15/month more if you don't have Optimum internet.

Optimum Mobile's homepage has also been recently updated and redesigned and now more strongly pushes its offer of unlimited data for $30/month per line with two or more lines. The offer is based on its $45 unlimited plan that includes 20GB of monthly high-speed data and 5GB of hotspot before speeds get throttled to 512Kbps for the remainder of the customer's billing cycle.

The $30 per line for two or more lines price point has become a strong selling point among cable-operated MVNOs. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile also feature the same deal on their respective homepages.

Optimum Mobile launched in 2019 originally as Altice Mobile and it is a T-Mobile based MVNO.

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