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MVNO Spotlight: Boss Revolution

BOSS Revolution Mobile was launched in late 2019 by Boss Revolution, an IDT Telecom, INC subsidiary. IDT was founded in 1990 and is based out of Newark, New Jersey.

Their headquarters are in Newark, New Jersey.

Boss Revolution has been in business since 2008 and provides stand-alone international calling cards to customers and money transfer services. The more recently launched Boss Revolution Mobile on the other hand, provides wireless phone service in the USA with cellular access initially provided on the Sprint network. In the second quarter of 2021, Boss Revolution officially rebranded to Boss Wireless and converted over to be an MVNO of


Boss Revolution Mobile offers nationwide unlimited calling plans that also come with free international calling to over 65 countries. The company states that service:

· Requires no contracts or credit checks

· Pricing includes taxes and fees

· Offers nationwide 4G/5G coverage

Boss Revolution Mobile supports bring your own device.

At this time, service plans and SIM cards can only be purchased directly through the Boss Revolution Mobile website.

Network: T-Mobile


· Covers a wide number of countries across the world

· Offers a number of different delivery options

· First Time costumers get their first transfer for free

· App available on both Android and Apple stores for 24/7 use

· Promises a quick delivery time


· User reviews are very mixed

· Only for US customers

· Paying by card is the only option

· Same users criticize the customer service provided

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