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LG devices on T-Mobile are not working right now

Earlier today, T-Mobile customers on an LG device discovered an error message on their devices. Affected customers reportedly received a message that says “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped.”

This was recently reported by The T-Mo Report, who revealed that the error message has been repetitive and persistent. Even after closing the message, it still pops up on the screen.

As explained in the report, IMS refers to IP Multimedia and voice Service. This is “an industry standard protocol system” responsible for “voice and data on modern digital systems.” In a nutshell, it takes care of voice calls over LTE using data as well as how data is being used on a phone.

With the error repeatedly popping up on LG devices, it indicates that there is something seriously wrong. And if left untreated, it could render all LG devices pretty much useless on T-Mobile’s network.

When LG announced that it would stop making smartphones, it promised that they would continue to release updates. But with this new issue, it really poses a threat to all who are still using LG devices.

A possible fix has been shared on Reddit but the report says it is not an official solution to get rid of the problem. But if you are affected by the issue, you may try using this solution:

  • Have WiFi Calling enabled

  • Open Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info

  • Tap the 3 dots on the top right to open the menu

  • Choose Show System

  • Tap on com.lge.ims.rcsprovider

  • Tap Storage

  • Repeatedly tap “Clear Data”

  • Go back a screen and force stop the app

The Reddit user who shared the fix says it may take you several tries until the error message stops appearing on your screen.

Again, this is not confirmed as an official fix. You should also avoid factory resetting your phone as it will not do anything.

T-Mobile has already acknowledged the issue on Twitter. They promised that they are working with LG to resolve the problem.

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