Best AT&T deals right now

With the economy shaken by the pandemic, it's quite understandable we are looking to save some money. However, we still want to enjoy the tech we love without having to lose an arm and a leg to afford it. For that reason, some digging for phone deals can help us find a gem that otherwise we would have missed. To help you with the deal hunt, we have compiled a list of the best AT&T deals right now, for existing and new customers.

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Apple Watch Series 6 for you and your best friend - get a $200 discount on a second Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 6 is the newest Apple Watch, premium and offering some great health and wellness features. Alongside it, Apple also released Apple Watch SE, an affordable but fashionable Apple Watch. Now, AT&T has a cool limited time offer for two eligible Apple Watches (can also be eligible older models). With this deal, you can get two Apple Watches and benefit from a $200 discount on the second one. In order to apply for this deal, you have to purchase two eligible Apple Watches on qualifying installment agreement (refurbished devices are not included), add a new line, activate postpaid service for each device, pay taxes on the retail price for each device upfront and a $30 activation fee for each device. After that, you will get up to $200 in bill credit for the second eligible Apple Watch, so you and your best friend can both enjoy Apple Watch's sleep tracking and share your experiences! $200OFF Apple Watch Series 6 - buy one eligible Apple Watch, get $200 off a second Apple Watch $399 Buy at AT&TSamsung Galaxy S20 FE free with trade-in The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a great addition to Samsung's flagship phones, packing awesome specs, a beautiful 6.5-inch OLED display with the smooth 120Hz refresh rate, along with 5G connectivity. This smartphone usually costs $700, but you can get your hands on one for free if you switch, add a line or upgrade, and have a trade-in smartphone. $699.99OFF Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - get for FREE with trade-in, when you switch, add a line or upgrade Buy at AT&T

Get iPhone 11 64GB with 50% off

The iPhone 11 is Apple's last year flagship and although we are expecting the iPhone 12 series to come soon, this smartphone is still a very powerful beast on all fronts. This great AT&T iPhone 11 deal gives you up to 50% off of its price.

If you correctly follow the deal instructions and you’re eligible for the offer, AT&T gives you up to $350 in bill credit, applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly installments. This is 50% of the price of the iPhone 11 64GB, definitely not bad! The credit can also be applied to the 128GB or the 256GB iPhone 11. The instructions are simple: you need to purchase the said iPhone with a qualifying installment agreement, pay taxes on the full price upfront, activate postpaid unlimited wireless service and pay a $30 activation fee. Additionally, you need a new line.

iPhone 11 - get $350 in bill credits $699 99 Buy at AT&T

Get the Galaxy Note 20 5G for free with trade-in

This offer is available for people with an eligible trade-in device and it's one of the best AT&T Samsung phone deals you can find right now. Samsung's newest flagships, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are multitasking monsters, great for school, work and play. For a limited time, you can get Samsung’s latest flagship for free, if you respect some requirements and have a trade-in a smartphone in good working condition.

If approved, you will start to receive bill credit for the purchase of Note 20 5G or even the Note 20 Ultra (credit go up to a maximum of $1000, so keep that in mind if you go for the more expensive Note 20 Ultra). The credit will be distributed over 30 months. This deal makes it possible for you to enjoy the gorgeous Snapdragon 865 Plus powered Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

Check the link below with more details on AT&T's offer to make sure you can get a brand-new, gorgeous-looking Galaxy Note 20 5G for free:

Check out the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra AT&T deal!

$1000OFF Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - trade-in and save up to $1000 Buy at AT&T

You can also check our Note 20 Ultra review and our Note 20 review to learn more about Samsung's newly-released flagships.

Galaxy A51 5G for free with trade-in

The Galaxy A51 5G is a great mid-range smartphone that you can get for free with this limited time offer if you have an eligible trade-in device. It’s hard to miss out on this great opportunity if you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy a Samsung smartphone. If you don't have a trade-in smartphone, you can get this great mid-ranger just for $5 a month with AT&T.

To check all the conditions, click on the link below and make sure your old smartphone is in the list of eligible smartphones for trade-in:

Galaxy A51 5G - get it for $5 a month, or for FREE with eligible trade-in Buy at AT&T

iPhone 11 Pro Max for free (credit up to $1000) for new AT&T customers

This offer is one of the best AT&T iPhone 11 Pro Max deals we have seen and a great AT&T deal for new customers. If you don't want to buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can use the credit from this deal to get your hands on the smaller-sized iPhone 11 Pro.

Although both smartphones are Apple's last year flagships, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are devices with great specs, impressive cameras, good battery life and stunning performance, even in 2020. To get an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max for free is a deal that's really hard to resist.

This offer is available only online and if you switch to AT&T. Alternatively, if you are already an AT&T customer, you can upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max and save $300.

You can check more details on this offer directly on the link down below. Keep in mind that smartphones eligible for trade-in should be devices in good condition, present on AT&T's list.

$300OFF iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max - upgrade and save $300, switch and get $1000 off Buy at AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 50% off deal

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a premium smartphone beast. Although it was released in February 2020, its specs, awesome camera and beautiful display still make it a great flagship phone. With this deal, you can save up to 50% off the price of the S20 Ultra with an eligible smartphone for trade-in. You can save $700 on this offer, so don't hesitate and check it out on AT&T's website:

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