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AT&T Prepaid Has $50 Unlimited Plan That Doesn’t Require AutoPay

AT&T Prepaid has a new offer out available exclusively through its dealer channel. Customers can now get AT&T Prepaid's $65/month Unlimited high-speed data plan for $50/month without the need for autopay billing to be enabled. Normally, customers can only get the plan for $50/month when they turn on autopay billing.

AT&T Prepaid also has some online deals running. Customers can now get several certified pre-owned (CPO) Samsung Galaxy phones for $100 off and SIM cards are free online to customers who bring their own devices over to the network.

AT&T Prepaid $50 Unlimited Plan Details

The $50 AT&T Prepaid dealer-only discount plan offer includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data and it can be used while traveling in Mexico and Canada. It also includes international texting to over 230 countries. It does not allow mobile hotspot usage, videos stream at a resolution of 480p. Data is deprioritized which means that data speeds will be temporarily slowed down compared to other customers on the AT&T network when the network is busy with a lot of traffic. This plan should not be confused with AT&T Prepaid's $65 Unlimited Max plan that's available at Target for $50 and Walmart for $45 with autopay billing discounts applied. The Unlimited Max plan includes 10GB of mobile hotspot, 100GB of cloud storage, HD 1080p video streaming, and 22GB of priority data before data speeds may be temporarily slowed during times of heavy network congestion.

The $50 Unlimited plan with no autopay discount offer is scheduled to end on 9/6/22.

AT&T Prepaid $100 Savings On Certified Pre-Owned Samsung Galaxy Devices Offer Details

AT&T Prepaid is offering three CPO Samsung Galaxy S10 variants at a discount, but only with the purchase of the $65 Unlimited plan ($50 with autopay, this is not the Unlimited Max plan). It is a new line only offer and there is a limit of one phone allowed to be purchased per online transaction. With that being said, here are the discounted devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ CPO - $349.99, reg price $449.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e CPO - $199.99, reg price $299.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 CPO - $299.99, reg price $399.99

There is no end date listed for this offer, but given that they are CPO devices it should probably be taken as "while supplies last."

AT&T Prepaid Free SIM Offer

AT&T Prepaid is offering free SIMs online-only, to customers who bring their own devices over to the network. AT&T Prepaid SIMs are normally sold through various retailers for $9.99.

The free SIM offer is available for new lines of service only and is good with the purchase of any service plan. There is a limit of three free SIMs allowed per transaction.

This deal is set to end on 7/6/22.

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