Android Go Devices to Get Night Mode Soon

Android has made it easier for customers to enjoy a device without spending a lot of money on it. Thanks to Android Go, some of the features of high-end Android devices are available on budget-friendly phones. 

Just recently, Google launched the Camera Go app. This app gave low-end phones the much-loved features of the Pixel camera, like Portrait Mode. Today, it has added a new feature to the app called Night Mode. 

This feature raised a lot of eyebrows since most of the Android Go-enabled devices have less than 2GB of RAM. To address this, Google has carefully thought of a way to fix this. What it does is taking multiple shots of a scene and merging these together to come up with a brighter output. 

The new feature is being released as an update that will be rolling out to devices soon. The first device to get the update is the Nokia 1.3.

Other features that Google is also working on making HDR processing available on Android Go phones. This should improve the dynamic range and highlights on photos, making them look a lot better. 

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