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T-Mobile increasing fees on late payments

For some time now, T-Mobile has been mocking its rivals for increasing their prices. They’ve also made several announcements promising that they won’t be increasing their prices…. Except for one.

According to The T-Mo Report, the Un-carrier will be increasing its prices on late fees later this year. The report was able to share an internal document that says:

“Beginning October 1, 2022, the late fee will change to be the greater of 5% of your applicable monthly charges or $7 where allowed under state law.”

As an example, the report shared that if a customer is late in paying his $200 bill, he will have a late fee of around $10. But anyone with a $140 or lower bill will have a late fee of $7.

The big change here is that the base late fee charge has increased by $2. Another important change that has been removed from the previous late fee agreement is the “variable percentage”fee that would be charged on bills above $140 per month. This has long been unclear and thankfully, T-Mo removed this from the new agreement.

Although this is a price increase, T-Mobile has not technically increased their rates on customers who pay on time. And that is, perhaps, the agreement that T-Mo wishes to impart with its customers– that they won’t increase their prices as long as you pay your bill on time.

Unfortunately, this will affect customers who are currently struggling in paying their bills in the first place.

According to the report, T-Mobile will send out a text message to customers who had late fees in the past 6 months. They will be informed of the new changes via text between today and August 4th. The changes will be applied starting October 1 to both T-Mobile and Sprint customers.

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