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T-Mobile customers on the East Coast experience network issues

Earlier today, T-Mobile customers shared that the network is down in certain locations in the country. More specifically, the customers who experienced serious network problems are located on the East Coast.

DownDetector started to document problems shortly after noon today. And by 1pm ET, the reports on the site started to go up.

While there was a momentary curve on the number of customers complaining about an outage, another small surge happened again after 2pm.

As reported by PhoneArena, some of the areas where the outage was experienced include New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore.

While the complaints aren’t the same for each customer, most reported that they had difficulty making voice calls and sending text messages. There were also some customers who had issues with their mobile internet connection.

The good news is that the network interruption has since gone down. But there are still a very few customers who have reported an issue on the website.

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