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New T-Mobile 5G internet plans are a cut above others

T-Mobile's home internet was already a great option for anyone for whom a wired internet connection was not a priority and now, the carrier is "shaking up the internet scene (again!)" by introducing two new internet plans.

Home Internet Plus

Touted as a premium plan, Home Internet Plus is an internet plan with greater coverage than T-Mobile's existing plans. It's an all-in-one plan with expanded Wi-Fi coverage to cover every room in your house and keep all devices connected. 

When you sign up, you'll not only get a gateway to convert 5G signals into Wi-Fi but also a Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point for up to 2,200 square feet of additional coverage. 

So whether you live in a large house with hard-to-reach rooms or use the internet heavily, the mesh will ensure there are no dead zones. It will even extend the signal outside for times when the weather is good enough to take your work outside.

Another thing that differentiates this plan from Home Internet is that you get unlimited 24/7 tech support for all Wi-Fi and smart connected devices in your house. 

Home Internet Plus will become available from April 26 and cost $70 a month with AutoPay or $50/month with AutoPay and a premium voice line.


This plan is meant for anyone who is on the road frequently such as RVers and digital nomads. Away aims to fill the gap in connectivity options available to frequent travelers.


Since T-Mobile's 5G network blankets two million square miles and is the most widely available 5G network, chances are it will reach wherever you are. So if you are often on the go and connectivity issues are making you question your life choices, you might want to give Away a shot.

It comes with a 5G gateway and lets you connect as many as 64 devices at the same time, twice as many as a hotspot and six times as many as phone tethering. The gateway's security features will ensure peace of mind when you are working out of a cafe.

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