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New report spills a bunch of juicy Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra deets

Now that we know pretty much exactly how Samsung's next big thing(s) will probably look on the outside and can guess (more or less) when they're supposed to see daylight, all that's left to be revealed over the coming months are the internals of the highly anticipated Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra.

While that may well sound easier said than done, the truth is we also already (seem to) know an awful lot about the components, features, and specifications of the entire S23 family far beyond what's obvious in those recently leaked renders.

Galaxy S23 battery capacity - expectations and predictions

This information was a long time coming, as last month's apparent S23+ battery certification didn't actually allow us to see the size of said cell. That changes today, with the "rated" capacity listed at 4,565mAh and the "typical" capacity standing at a nice 4,700mAh.

The latter number is of course the one you'll find recorded in Samsung's official spec sheet when the Galaxy S23 Plus eventually comes out (alongside its big and little brothers), and just as suspected, said figure will represent a (slight) increase over the 4,500mAh battery inside the existing Galaxy S22+.

We're talking a very modest-sounding capacity hike of less than 5 percent that might however result in a more substantial real-world battery life upgrade, especially when taking the rumored energy efficiency improvements of Qualcomm's next ultra-high-end processor into account.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 beast will naturally also find its way under the hood of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is apparently set to retain the 5,000mAh battery size of its super-premium predecessor while featuring a rated cell capacity of 4,855mAh.

That's certainly a bit disappointing to hear, but if we take a look further back in time, we'll find that the S21 Ultra offered the exact same amount of juice last year as its successor then did this year while the S21 Plus packed a 4,800mAh battery that the S22 Plus downgraded for no clear reason.

Speaking of, the "vanilla" S22 also took its predecessor's 4,000mAh juicer down to 3,700mAh, which means that the non-Plus and non-Ultra Galaxy S23 could well jump to around 3,900mAh... although that's mere guesswork on our part.

To recap, here's exactly what we expect from the Galaxy S23 series in terms of (typical) battery capacity right now:

  • Vanilla S23 - 3,900mAh (speculated)

  • S23 Plus - 4,700mAh (pretty much guaranteed)

  • S23 Ultra - 5,000mAh (almost certain)

Galaxy S23 camera capabilities - new details emerging

While the origin of this information is not entirely clear, the usually reliable folks over at GalaxyClub in the Netherlands seem to have it on good authority (translated here) that the ultra-wide-angle shooter on the back of the S23 and S23+ will retain the 12MP resolution of the same S22 and S22+ imaging component.

That doesn't necessarily mean your real-world group photography and panorama recording experience will stay completely the same, as Samsung is likely to try to add neat new software tricks and other capabilities beyond simple megapixel counts to take those things to the next level.

Although unconfirmed at the moment, the S23 Ultra is also expected to adopt a 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor... in addition to a vastly upgraded 200MP primary snapper and two different telephoto lenses unlikely to feature any notable (hardware) changes compared to what the S22 Ultra currently offers in that department.

The lone telephoto camera on the back of the S23 and S23 Plus, meanwhile, is all but guaranteed to stick with a 10 megapixel count, but on the decidedly bright side of things, the single selfie shooter could make a nice little jump from 10 to 12MP on both models.

Finally, the main S23 and S23+ rear cam may or may not get an upgrade from 50MP, although our suspicions currently point to "not" given that last year's S21 and S21+ still featured a modest (at least on paper) 12MP primary imaging sensor. It's probably too early for yet another big leap.

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