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Metro By T-Mobile Once Again Doubles Data On $50 Hotspot Plan To 100GB

Metro by T-Mobile has doubled the amount of data included with its $50 hotspot plan. It now includes 100GB of data at up to 5G data speeds. The previous allotment was 50GB. Metro's $75 plan with 75GB of hotspot data has been discontinued (at least for the moment). Wave7 Research noted the changes in a prepaid report the firm recently sent out to its subscribers.

Metro by T-Mobile has frequently changed the allotment of data included with its $50 hotspot plan. It was first announced to have 100GB around December of 2020. Then it disappeared. In around October of 2021, it was advertised again to have 100GB, but then later disappeared. Just three weeks ago, Metro by T-Mobile's official Facebook page told someone the 100GB $50 offer was expired and the current offers at the time were 50GB for $50 and again 75GB for $75.

According to Wave7 Research, the hotspot plans appear to have reset again to 100GB for $50 in the latter half of April with the $75 plan once again no longer an option. Metro by T-Mobile has not been advertising the latest changes with its hotspot offerings. Metro by T-Mobile's hotspot plan offerings are now as follows:

  • $30 - 10GB high-speed data

  • $40 - 30GB high-speed data

  • $50 - 100GB high-speed data

It is not clear why Metro by T-Mobile keeps frequently changing the allotment of data included with the $50/month hotspot plan. When it's priced at $50 for 50GB it's not competitive at all with Cricket Wireless's hotspot offerings. The AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless offers two hotspot plans. There's a $55/month plan with 100GB of data and a $35 plan with 20GB of data. Both of Cricket's data-only hotspot plans can also be used in Canada and Mexico and include 5G data access in the USA.

“That’s a generous allotment, 100GB for $50/month. I think Metro by T-Mobile can do this in part due to the huge volume of mid-band capacity that has been added to the network in the last couple of years.” – Jeff Moore Principal of Wave7 Research

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