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H2O Wireless Targets Multi-Line Customers With $25/Line For “Unlimited”

H2O Wireless, a sister brand to PureTalk, has launched a new offer targeting prospective multi-line customers. Through 8/31/24, new customers who activate a multi-line plan on H2O's $50 unlimited plan will get each line for just $25/line for up to four lines. H2O Wireless is also running an in-store-only dealer offer giving away free phones with the purchase of the $50 plan. The phones are all older budget models that are also likely old stock from AT&T and include the Radiant Core (Android 9 OS), Calypso 1 (Android 10 OS), and Calypso 2 (Android 11 OS Go edition). If you are interested in the phones, keep in mind the current version of Android OS is 14. Older versions of Android may be less secure and may not support certain apps found in the Google Play Store. Participating stores with the free phone offer can be found in 11 states.

H2O Wireless $25/Line Unlimited Plan Offer Details

H2O Wireless's $50 unlimited plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 40GB of monthly data on each line available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling to 256Kbps. Each line also gets 5GB of hotspot to use and it does not draw from their plan's 40GB high-speed data allotment.

Unlimited talk and text from the USA to over 70 countries is also included. Each line gets a $10 international talk credit to use each of their first two months of service. After two months the international talk credit drops to $5. A $10 monthly international roaming credit also comes with the plan that works in over 50 destinations.

Unfortunately, this offer is not for current customers. It's a new customer-only promotion and all lines must be activated simultaneously. If a line is removed from the account, any remaining balance on that line is forfeited and all remaining lines will lose their discounted promotional price.

The offer is available online and through local dealers. H2O Wireless supports eSIM for instant activation.

With this offer, H2O Wireless now has 4 "unlimited" lines for $100. This is a highly competitive price point, and many providers push 4 unlimited lines for $100 offers, some of which include carrier-owned brands that have the advantage of truly unlimited high-speed data. For instance, while writing this article, I've been repeatedly hit by Spotify ads from Visible by Verizon, promoting their $25 per line unlimited plan. Cricket Wireless also offers 4 lines for $100 but they don't offer the $25/line price to customers with 2 or 3 lines. Metro by T-Mobile also has it. Independently operated brands like MobileX, Tello, and US Mobile also market unlimited plans (although not truly unlimited) at $25/line although US Mobile requires you to have 3 or more lines to get that pricing, MobileX and Tello do not.

H2O Wireless is an AT&T MVNO. The brand is sold in retail stores like Target, online, and through independent dealers. It is owned and operated by Telrite which acquired the brand in 2019 for an undisclosed sum.

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