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Boost founder announces a new MVNO and a partnership with Verizon

Mobile X Global has announced a network partnership between Verizon and MobileX; the latter is a new mobile brand that will debut in the U.S. next year. Mobile X Global creates highly scalable mobile apps that have over 100 million users and was founded by Peter Adderton who also serves as Chairman. If that name sounds familiar, you might recall that Adderton founded Boost Mobile.

In its press release, Mobile X Global says, "Verizon’s most-awarded network offers the speed, scale, security, availability and reliability needed to drive innovation that enables MobileX to deliver personalized services and individualized plans for wireless customers." Mobile X Global's new proprietary, AI-driven 100% cloud-based XO.1 platform will allow customers to switch across global networks using one number and one service that goes beyond borders.

Boost founder Peter Adderton announces a new mobile brand in the U.S. called MobileX

MobileX, according to a tweet from Adderton, is more than an MVNO. He calls it a "global virtual access network" that is not limited to a single network or technology or rate plan. He calls it "the next evolution in connectivity for a global world."

An MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Organization is a company that doesn't own its own network and uses the networks belonging to major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The MVNO charges customers more than it pays for the use of the network to make a profit.

According to the press release, "MobileX looks to attract displaced and mistreated wireless customers looking for a new home by offering simple, great value prepaid wireless services and experiences. Enabled by a host carrier partnership with Verizon Wireless and supported by XO.1, Mobile X Global’s proprietary cloud platform, and an AI-powered on-device application, MobileX will offer every customer their own unique service and ensure they only pay for what they use."

Adderton says, "Mobile X Global will deliver an incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use and real-time proprietary platform that truly puts the power in the hands of the consumer. Now they can choose what they want, when they want, and only pay for what they need. The innovations in our cloud-based platform enable unprecedented levels of customization and flexibility."

MobileX will allow consumers to use one number and one wireless service to communicate across borders

He adds, "We plan to serve a new generation of borderless consumer who will only ever need one phone number, one service - where your network goes wherever you go - providing global connectivity without data roaming charges. We are committed to being at the forefront of this global service to consumers. Mobile X Global is delighted to have Verizon on board as our first network partner globally. They also believe that innovation that truly puts consumers at the heart of the solution delivers a competitive advantage, and I welcome their partnership."

Marco Turco, VP of Wholesale at Verizon Consumer Group also threw the carrier's two cents in. "At Verizon, we are relentlessly focused on the customer, and MVNO partners like Mobile X Global are an integral part of our wholesale strategy to deliver the experiences and value consumers need and want. We are excited to see Mobile X Global’s forward-thinking vision come to life on our network."

Mobile X Global will have some more news to announce over the upcoming months related to its U.S. launch plans, growth in global markets, and its proprietary platform. It will be interesting to see how Adderton can bring a technological change to the MVNO industry that will allow consumers to use one number and one wireless provider to communicate across borders.

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