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Apple Watch Support Headed To Visible For $5/Month

Support for Apple Watch is coming to Visible. The Verizon owned prepaid brand has setup an FAQs webpage with everything you'll want to know about it. Reddit user Maleficent_Menu_380 recently posted to Reddit about the new FAQs page.

Apple Watch support will be available as an add-on to Visible plan subscribers for just $5/month. The feature has not yet gone live, as several Redditors have tried to activate their watches and failed. Maleficent_Menu_380 spoke to a Visible chat rep who said the plan should be live within the next couple of days.

Visible's Apple Watch plan will allow for activation of an Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 or SE. Subscribers will share their phone number with their Visible Apple Watch plan to be able to make calls and texts straight from the watch without an iPhone nearby. Visible customers will be able to activate their Apple Watch plan through the Visible app by heading to the account "Overview" section of their dashboard, then by selecting "Devices" followed by "Apple Watch." Initially when the plan goes fully live, it will only be available to bring your own Apple Watch customers. Visible plans to sell Apple Watches at a later date.

There's currently an extremely limited number of prepaid and MVNO providers on the market that support the Apple Watch. It seems that major carriers have generally been reluctant to allow their MVNO partners to support the device. Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile are just two of the non-carrier owned MVNO brands that offer support for it.

Visible Promos

Want to signup for Visible to soon be able to take advantage of the Apple Watch support? Visible currently has a few promos running, with one set to expire tomorrow. Customers that use the promo code eSIM5 will get their first month of Visible for just $5 instead of its regular price of $40 or $25 through signup with a Party Pay group. The $5 for the first month offer will expire on 7/29/21.

Customers who bring their own phone (BYOP) to Visible will also receive a $50 gift card from a place of their choosing with options including Amazon, AutoZone, Best Buy and more. The BYOP offer is stackable with the promo code.

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