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Tracfone Has New Plan With “IDnotify” Perk

Tracfone recently launched a new wireless plan. The plan likely launched a few weeks ago. It is a monthly plan priced at $40 and includes 8GB of hard-capped high-speed data with data carryover. It also includes unlimited talk and text and hotspot capabilities. Customers who enable autopay billing get a $5/month discount on the plan for their first two months of wireless service. What's really notable about the plan is that it comes with a "perk" that isn't at all related to wireless service. It comes with a free subscription to IDnotify.

IDnotify is a subscription based product from Experian that is focused on identity theft protection and restoration. Tracfone users on the new $40 wireless plan get up to $1 million in identity theft insurance as well as identity restoration services. Customers that are victims of identity theft can use IDnotify to get reimbursed for expenses associated with restoring their identity with a $0 deductible. It can be used to get reimbursement for lost wages, legal fees and other expenses. Tracfone also touts that its customers get the following:

"IDnotify gives you access to certified bilingual and multilingual U.S.- based identity restoration service specialists who provide step-by-step, full-service support to investigate and restore your identity.
24/7/365 services include the use of Limited Power of Attorney to complete restoration activities on your behalf to save you time.

Tracfone is just the latest of several wireless providers attempting to add more value to their plans outside of traditional wireless service.

Not long ago, Boost Mobile began offering a telemedicine perk with its flagship wireless plan. The company is now touting the feature in a new TV ad. Boost also has a partnership with DraftKings.

Last year, Tracfone-owned brands Simple Mobile and Total wireless began offering discounted telemedicine services in select states. A couple of weeks ago, Cricket Wireless added HBO Max to its flagship unlimited plan. And Metro by T-Mobile offers Google One Drive and Amazon Prime subscriptions on select plans.

A little while back, Tracfone also added a new annual plan with unlimited talk and text and 12GB of data priced at $199. The data is what customers are allotted for the year, not month.

Most Tracfone subscribers use Tracfone on the Verizon network, although service is also available on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Tracfone and its associated brands are currently in limbo as Verizon is seeking regulatory approval to acquire them.

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