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The Cyberattack That Hit Dish Cost it $30 Million in Damages

Back in the 1st quarter of 2023, Dish suffered a security break that knocked Dish’s website and others they owned offline. Now, Dish, Boost Mobile, Sling TV, and AirTV’s websites are all back online. This also includes Dish and Sling TV’s apps being back at 100%. But the damage is real and very serious as Dish now says it suffered $30 million in damages.

According to CEO and president of DISH Erick Carlson, the $30 million covered remediation, customer support, consulting, and IT costs. He also went on to say that well some data had been taken from the company they have received confirmation that the data had been deleted. Anyone whose data has been compromised has already been contacted by Dish. According to Dish, no customer data had been compromised during the attack.

The area hit hardest by the attack was DISH TV customers who couldn’t log into their accounts. The good news was during the attack, their TV services, including Sling TV and wireless services for Boost Mobile, continued to operate without issues. DISH customers where able to continue to make calls, watch TV, and more but not able to access their accounts to make changes or call customer service.

After the attack, Dish reportedly fired the company that was in charge of antivirus and security. According to Dish, well, it spotted the attack it failed to stop the attack.

Attacks like this are very hard to stop. One employee making a mistake will open your company up to attacks like this. DISH was able to surprisingly quick get back online, considering the scale of the attack.

$30 million in damages to DISH from this attack is a huge amount to lose but the damage from the attack could have been even higher if the attack had dragged on preventing DISH from adding new customers or raising the cost to recover from the attack.

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