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T-Mobile pushing small Metro stores closure with new customer service rules

Starting next month, all Metro by T-Mobile stores will have to be staffed by at least 2 people, paving the way for smaller shop closures as this will raise their operating costs dramatically, reports NWIDA, the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association.

While T-Mobile's goal with the move is to encourage customers to do all their Metro by T-Mobile shopping and plan subscription online, and move Metro services to larger, more prominent stores that may work on a lower commission basis. T-Mobile employee vaccination status and return to office deadlines The closure of smaller, independent Metro stores is happening all the while T-Mobile beckons the return of vaccinated employees to its offices. It has given a remote work application deadline for all unvaccinated ones until October 25, and even then the requests will be "approved based on their role and circumstances." According to T-Mobile's current CEO, Mike Sievert: "Because we’re taking this big step to ensure your safety at our offices, I’m also urging employees to stick to our planned September 20 or earlier date for returning to the office with your flexible resident or hybrid schedule. Our spaces are open and ready for you, and it is time to come back regularly." Unless you work at T-Mobile's headquarters in Factoria, though, or other facilities that need a badge entry, these are currently off-limits for unvaccinated employees, so they can keep biding their time and request remote work until October 25.

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