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Red Pocket Mobile Promo Will Get You 100GB Of High-Speed Data

Some Reddit users subscribed to Red Pocket Mobile's 50GB $50 plan have begun to notice that their accounts show they're actually getting more high-speed data than their plan calls for. The Reddit users have been posting screenshots (see below) showing that their accounts contain 100,475MB of high-speed data (100GB) instead of 50GB.

The bonus data is not just restricted to the 50GB plan. There are other plans with the offer including the following:

  • $20/month - 3GB high-speed data, plus additional 7GB bonus data

  • $30/month - 10GB high-speed data, plus additional 12GB bonus data (also available with family plan option)

  • $40/month - 22GB high-speed data, plus 28GB additional bonus data

Red Pocket Mobile is currently offering several holiday promotional offers, and this latest one just sweetens the deal. Last week, BestMVNO detailed many of those offers. Customers can get 50% off their first month on any Red Pocket Mobile plan. Customers that elect to subscribe to Red Pocket Mobile's $30 10GB plan using the AT&T network can add additional lines to their accounts for just $1. The 50% off offer and add-a-line offer are only valid for the subscriber's first month of service. Pricing goes back to normal for the second month.

Red Pocket Mobile also appears to be offering a deal possibly aimed at former customers. Back in 2018, I subscribed to Red Pocket Mobile for the purpose of publishing a review on Several days ago, I received an email offering me Red Pocket's $50 50GB plan for just $1 for my first month of service. This offer requires the use of the code RPSWITCHBACK15 at checkout. Fine print on the offer says service must be activated by 11/15/2021. This offer is also only available for use on Red Pocket Mobile's GSMA network partner, which is used to denote the AT&T network.

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