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Red Pocket Mobile eBay Plans On Sale, Get 8GB For $18/Month

Red Pocket Mobile has an eBay promo running on its eBay exclusive plans. It's most popular annual plan (360 days of service) with 8GB of monthly data is now available for $216 or an average cost of $18/month. It has a list price of $365, although I don't believe Red Pocket ever sells it for that much. According to eBay's sales data, the plan has been purchased over 39,000 times.

The plan is available for use on the customer's choice of either the Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon network. I would be leery of the plan working on Sprint for its entire duration.

Sprint's network is scheduled to be shutdown by mid-2022. The plan also includes unlimited data at 2G data speeds once its monthly high-speed data allotment has been used up. It also includes unlimited international calling to over 80 countries. International texting is included on the AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint networks. International texting on the Verizon network requires the purchase of a separate refill credit.

Other eBay exclusive plans currently on sale include the following:

  • $168 (average cost $14/month) - 3GB of monthly high-speed data

  • $336 (average cost $28/month) - 20GB of monthly high-speed data (available on AT&T only)

  • $84 (average cost $7/month) - 1000 minutes, 1GB of monthly high-speed hard-capped data (sold out on Verizon network, no unlimited 2G data)

Unless stated otherwise, all plans include the same features as available with the 8GB data-plan.

Red Pocket Mobile Website 50% Off Sale

Aside from the eBay plan sale, Red Pocket is also selling the plans it has on its website for 50% off for a new customer's first month of service. Here are the deals on those plans:

  • $10 (reg $20) - 3GB high-speed data

  • $15 (reg $30) - 10GB high-speed data

  • $20 (reg $40) - 22GB high-speed data (AT&T and T-Mobile only)

  • $20 (reg $40) - 12GB high-speed data (Verizon only)

  • $25 (reg $50) - 50GB high-speed data

Unless stated otherwise, the plans are available for use on the subscriber's choice of either the AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon networks. They all include unlimited data at 2G data speeds once their monthly high-speed allotment gets used up. They also include unlimited international calling. International texting is available on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks, but if used on Verizon network it costs 20 cents per text. AT&T and T-Mobile network plans include 5G access.

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