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PureTalk And Straight Talk Are Both Running TV Ads For A Free Phone Offer

PureTalk and Straight Talk have both launched TV ads touting a free phone offer. For Straight Talk, the ad and offer represent an evolution of the brand since being taken over by Verizon. Prior to Verizon's ownership, Straight Talk really didn't offer or advertise free phones. PureTalk, the longtime AT&T MVNO, is also not known to have marketed any free phones through TV advertising in its past either. In fact, it's pretty rare for an independently owned MVNO to offer free phones to begin with.

PureTalk is offering the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G for free with number port-in and the purchase of its $55 unlimited plan that includes 60GB of 5G data before throttling to 256Kbps. It's made free by way of an instant $199.99 discount on the device. However, PureTalk does state a 30-month agreement is required to get the phone, but doesn't go into any detail about what that means. Best guess is that the phone will remain locked for 30 months and/or if you leave PureTalk before 30 months is up you may be billed for the prorated cost of the device.

Straight Talk is offering a Free Motorola G Power at Walmart for new lines of service and port-ins with in-store activation on a $45 or higher rate plan. The $45 plan includes unlimited high-speed data with an allowance of 5GB of data for mobile hotspot.

PureTalk "Free 5G Samsung Phone" TV Ad

PureTalk's TV ad, "Free 5G Samsung Phone" launched mid-May and has aired a couple of dozen times. It features a voiceover with a callout of other providers' free phone offers. The callout tells viewers that PureTalk knows that they are leary of offers from other providers with hefty strings attached like activation fees, 4-line requirements, and expensive contracts. The ad continues by stating that only PureTalk offers a free 5G Samsung phone without feeling like you've been duped. You can watch it below.

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