iPhone 14 Pro Review: All about refinement

iPhone 14 Pro Intro

Are you excited about a top-of-the-line phone that does NOT come in a giant size? If so, the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro is one of few out there, as it's both compact and even more powerful than before.

Apple calls this one a Pro, so it includes a few "Pro"-grade features like a larger sensor that can capture 48MP RAW photos with a lot more detail, ProRes video that you can edit in post and a new A16 Bionic chip that powers all of those things. But make no mistake, this is a device as much for the pros as for the rest of us who just want to have the best and latest gadget.

So even if you are not the kind of person who will appreciate RAW photos, you have: a new display that has a clever and interactive new Dynamic Island; you have a new (for Apple at least) Always-On display option, which allows you to glance at information without ever tapping your iPhone. And pretty much everyone will appreciate having features like SOS via satellite and car crash detection that might save your life.

And yes, the iPhone 14 Pro doesn't fold, it doesn't do any crazy tricks, and in that regard, it may seem a bit boring, but it is also laser focused on perfecting a winning formula and giving quality of life upgrades. It's the perfect illustration of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" saying. Read on to learn everything you need to know about it!

What’s new about the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Larger sensor 48MP main camera, new enhanced 2X mode

  • Better low light capture on all cameras

  • Replaced notch with Dynamic Island

  • Always-On display, screen gets much brighter

  • Faster, Apple A16 chip

  • Faster 5G speeds

  • Cinematic mode now in 4K, can choose 24fps/30fps

  • Battery life and charging speeds unchanged

  • Prices unchanged in US (but big price hike in UK and Europe)

  • 4 colors with new Deep Purple option

iPhone 14 Models

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of four new iPhone 14 series devices.

If you want to learn more about the rest, take a look below:

  • iPhone 14 — cheapest in the series, 6.1" screen, 60Hz refresh rate, uses previous-gen A15 chip

  • iPhone 14 Plus — large 6.7" screen, 60Hz refresh rate, A15 chip, big battery

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max — large 6.7" screen, 1-120Hz refresh rate, triple camera, A16 chip, big battery

iPhone 14 Pro Design & Colors

With flat sides and a triple rear camera, the iPhone 14 Pro design has not changed much in the past two years. Still, the dimensions are just slightly different from previous models and the camera unit is even larger now, just enough so your old 13 Pro cases don't fit this new model.

Apple uses the newest and most advanced toughened glass, the so called "Ceramic Shield", with a shiny stainless frame in the middle that is unfortunately still a fingerprint magnet. Apart from that, though, this is a premium design that looks good.

The big change is obviously the Dynamic Island. It serves as a status bar for a few essential things:

  • while unlocking, you will see a quick animation

  • while paying, you will see it expand for Face ID

  • low battery and charging notifications pop up there

  • while music is playing, you see a waveform and album art

  • while navigating, you see a tiny icon

  • and more

Look closer, and you'd also notice that the borders around the screen are now a tiny bit thinner, for a slightly more immersive edge-to-edge feel.

The buttons haven't changed, you have an oversized power button on the right, which we love, and then, the volume keys and mute switch are on the left. On the bottom, you still have Apple's proprietary Lightning connector (next year's iPhone 15 series are rumored to finally switch to the universally used USB-C connector).

You can learn all about the iPhone 14 Pro colors in our detailed article, but here is a quick summary, all models have a frosted finish:

  • Space Black (used to be Graphite in 13 Pro)

  • Silver (same as 13 Pro)

  • Gold (same as 13 Pro)

  • Deep Purple (used to have Sierra Blue on 13 Pro)

As you can see, the light and cheerful Sierra Blue from last year is replaced with a new Deep Purple shade.

IP68 water and dust protection are also still very much available on the 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro Display

The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a 6.1 inch screen size, OLED technology, same 1170p resolution, but it has upgraded ProMotion. The screen can now go as low as 1Hz refresh rate (the 13 Pro could only go down to 10Hz), and this enables the new "Always-On display" with glanceable information and a dimmed version of your wallpaper.

Android phones have had always-on screens for nearly a decade now, so this is a "finally" moment for Apple, but one has to admit that this implementation looks very well made on the new iPhone. One wish we have after using the phone for a while, though, is the ability to customize this: maybe the option to dim the wallpaper more, or go with a black screen and only time and widgets, that would be nice.

You can also see an increase in the peak brightness, which we found to very helpful than you may think as it makes reading the phone's screen outdoors so much easier.