How to create and claim your Yahoo business listing

Follow these steps to add your business to Yahoo and get it verified.

Step 1 (Option 1): Search for your business

Go to and search for your business. Like many online directories, if you have an established business, it is likely that they’ve pulled your information from other sources and added a listing to their directory.

Search for your business in the main search bar on Yahoo. If a business listing doesn’t show up to the right of the screen, be sure to try a couple of different searches–one with your city name, with old names if applicable, etc.

If you can’t find your business on Yahoo, continue to Step 1 (Option 2) to add your business to Yahoo.

The business listing will look like this. And the next thing you need to do when you find it is click “Verify your listing.”

Yahoo will then redirect you to a platform called Yext. Yext is a platform that offers services to help you manage and update your online listings. These are paid services, but we’ll continue walking you through the free way to claim your Yahoo listing in Step 2.

Step 1 (Option 2): Add your business to Yahoo

If your business is not on Yahoo, that’s okay. You can go directly to Yext to add it. Just go follow this link to Yext and continue with Step 2.

Step 2: Verify your Yahoo business listing

When you get to Yext, fill in your business information on the form that appears and click “Scan my listings.”

When you do this, you’ll be taken to a page that shows your business information across several different directories and whether or not it’s correct or missing.

Note: Don’t get distracted by this now, but make a note to come back and see which online listings you need to update for your business.

Just continue by clicking “Fix All Errors.”

Then make sure that all of your business information is correct in the following form. Make sure to enter accurate contact information to complete the process of claiming your listing. Click “Continue.”

Next, Yext will try to get you to buy into one of their premium plans. You’ll see a screen like this.

Scroll below these paid options until you see “Claim your Basic Listing only on Yahoo here.” This will allow you to claim your Yahoo listing for free.

You’ll be brought to a checkout page, where you can once again verify your business information and add a couple of additional items, including your website and a category for your business.

Complete the form and check both of the boxes below it. Check the “I’m not a robot” reCaptcha, and then click “Place Order.”

After this, you’ll be taken to a screen that informs you that Yext will be sending you an email shortly to confirm your account.

Log in to the email you entered for your contact information. In the email you received from Yext, click “Confirm Email.” You’ll then be taken to a page to set up the password for your Yext account. Enter this and record it someplace where you’ll be able to access it.