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Metro by T-Mobile Unveils New Plan Offering

October 8, 2018


A couple of weeks ago, T-Mobile announced that it was re-branding MetroPCS into Metro by T-Mobile.

At the time of its announcement, there was little information revealed by the wireless provider. But it looks like T-Mobile is ready to share the new unlimited plans it has lined up with its rebranded prepaid service.


Metro by T-Mobile New Plans


As unveiled earlier, Metro by T-Mobile will be offering a total of four new plans:

  • $30 plan - includes 2GB of LTE data and mobile hotspot from LTE data

  • $40 plan - includes 10GB of LTE data, no mobile hotspot

  • $50 plan - includes unlimited LTE data and 5GB LTE mobile hotspot usage

  • $60 plan - includes unlimited LTE data and 15GB LTE mobile hotspot usage

These plans all carry unlimited talk and text, and include taxes and fees. In addition to this, Metro by T-Mobile will be offering Google One and Amazon Prime on the higher tiered plans. Both the $50 and $60 plan comes with 100GB of Google One Cloud storage. The $60 plan, on the other hand, adds Amazon Prime to the mix.

Customers who use over 35GB of data per month may get slower speeds in times of network congestion. Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution. There is an option to get HD as an add-on for $10.

Apart from the changes to the plans being offered, Metro by T-Mobile largely stays the same. It continues to run under T-Mobile's network.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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