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Boost Mobile Promotion Provides Free Month of Service with iPhone Purchase

June 14, 2018


Boost Mobile, largest prepaid service provider that operates on Sprint Network, is running a promotion with free month of service with new or reconditioned Apple iPhone purchase.

Boost Mobile promotion is eligible for new customers only and it’s available until June 27, 2018.

In order to receive free month of service, customers need to purchase new or reconditioned Apple iPhone until June 27, 2018 and activate it on $50 Unlimited Gigs plan until July 13. Boost’s iPhones qualified for free month of service are:

  • Apple iPhone 6 32GB Space Gray available for $199.99

  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus available for $699.99

  • Apple iPhone SE available for $159.99

  • Apple iPhone 6s reconditioned available for $249.99

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus reconditioned $399.99

  • Apple iPhone 8 available for $599.99

  • Apple iPhone X available for $899.99

  • Apple iPhone 6 reconditioned available for $279.99

  • Apple iPhone 7 reconditioned available for $349.99

  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus reconditioned available for $299.99

  • Apple iPhone 6S $299.99

  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus $399.99

  • Apple iPhone 7 $449.99

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus $569.99

Boost Mobile Hook Dad Up Promotion

Boost Mobile Promotion offers 15% off New Android smartphones for a limited time while supply last. In order to receive Hook Dad Uppromotion additional 15% off, customers need to add promo code DAD at checkout.


Discounted Android phones on Boost Mobile Promotion Hook Dad Up are:



  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge – already discounted – $49.99, with DAD promo code $42.49

  • Motorola Moto G6 – $129.99, with DAD promo code $110.49

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – $699, with DAD promo code $594.15

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – $599.99, with DAD promo code $509.99

  • LG Stylo 3 – already discounted – $129.99, with DAD promo code $110.49

  • LG Tribute HD – already discounted – $39.99, with DAD promo code $33.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – already discounted – $299.99, with DAD promo code $254.99

  • Motorola Moto E4 Plus – already discounted – $79.99, with DAD promo code $67.99

  • ZTE Max XL – already discounted – $99.99, with DAD promo code $84.99

  • ZTE Tempo X – already discounted – $29.99, with DAD promo code $25.49

  • Motorola Moto E4 – already discounted – $49.99, with DAD promo code $42.49

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx – already discounted – $149.99, with DAD promo code $127.49

  • LG Tribute Dynasty – already discounted – $59.99, with DAD promo code $50.99

  • ZTE Blade Force – already discounted – $79.99, with DAD promo code $67.99

  • LG X Charge – already discounted – $99.99, with DAD promo code $84.99

  • ZTE Prestige 2 – already discounted – $39.99, with DAD promo code $33.99

Besides these promotions, Boost Mobile is currently running few more promotional offers.


Boost Mobile 3 Line Family Plan Promotion

The carrier is offering 3 Lines for $100 per month with unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, optimized for streaming, music and gaming and 20GB of mobile hotspot data. This Boost Mobile promotion is good from April 17, 2018 until July 16, 2018.


Video streaming is optimized to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500kbps and gaming at up to 2mbps. Additionally, each line gets 50 domestic voice roaming minutes and 411 Directory assistance calls. Also, when more than 23GB of data is used during a month, users might experience slower data speeds due to network congestion.


The $100 per month cost stays the same even if one or both secondary lines leave but if primary line leaves, other lines will remain active on this promo only for the rest of the monthly cycle. After that, carrier will switch them automatically to a new plan. Customers can add the fourth line for the extra $30 per month.

Also, this promotion is available for new and existing customers but only until May 7, 2018. After May 7, this promo will require at least one line to be ported-in from a carrier not related to Sprint and all other lines to be port-ins or new lines. Lines that do not qualify for this promotion will be moved to the single line $50 Unlimited Gigs plan.


Boost Mobile Promotion – $60 Unlimited Plan with 20GB Hotspot and HDStreaming
  • $60 monthly Unlimited Plus promotional plan – unlimitedtalk, text and 4G LTE data, HD streaming, 20 GB mobilehotspot data, 50 domestic voice roaming minutes. There is also a limit of 23GB of data usage during billing cycle in period of network congestion.

This promotional plan is available until July 16, 2018


Boost Mobile Promotion – Free Month When You Bring Your Phone

For another couple of days, customers can bring their unlocked phone to Boost Mobile and get a free month of service on $50 unlimited plan. The offer is good through July 16, 2018. Boost’s list of compatible phones is rather limited so to be sure if your phone would work with Boost service, first check on Boost’s BYOD page.


Boost Mobile Plans
  • $35 monthly 3 Gigs of 4G LTE Plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 3GB at 4G LTE (after that speed reduced to 2G speeds). Mobile hotspot included and music streaming (with select partners) without data charges.

  • $50 monthly Unlimited Gigs Plan – unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. Video streaming is optimized at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500kbps, gaming at up to 2mbps. Data deprioritization applies during periods of network congestion. The plan includes 8GB of mobile hotspot data.

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews.com










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