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GoSmart Increases Data Allotment on Its Plans

December 21, 2017


GoSmart, a T-Mobile MVNO owned by TracFone, has recently made changes to its plan offers. The last time the MVNO made changes was around January 2016, which you can view here.

Today's plan changes brings in more data as compared to the previous allotments included. There's even one plan that includes what GoSmart promises to be a Completely Unlimited data plan at 3GB speed.

The MVNO's new plans offer the following:

  • $25/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB 3G data

  • $35/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB 3G data

  • $45/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 20GB 3G data

  • $55/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and Completely Unlimited 3G data with 10GB hotspot and $10 international long distance credit


Prior to today's changes, GoSmart's plans offered the following: 


  • $25/month - no data

  • $35/month - included unlimited 4GB of data

  • $45/month - included 12GB of data

  • $55/month - included 20GB of data 

As seen on the list, GoSmart has increased the data allotment on these plans to give its users more value. In addition to the increased data, GoSmart has also included in free 4G LTE Facebook and Facebook Messenger access across all plans. 


Are you a GoSmart user? How do you feel about these plan changes?


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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