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MetroPCS Ups Unlimited Plan Hotspot to 10 GB, Decreases $40 Plan Data

October 10, 2017


Sometime since the beginning of the month T-Mobile's MetroPCS prepaid brand has made three changes to its plans:

  • The amount of high speed hotspot data included with the $60 unlimited plan has been increased from 8 GB to 10 GB per month.

  • The $40 plan's high speed data allotment has been lowered from 6 GB to 5 GB per month.

  • Each additional line on a multi-line plan account now costs $30 per month instead of $25.

MetroPCS didn't announce any of the changes. I believe that the multi-line increase happened on Oct 1, the changes to the $40 and $60 plans seem to have occurred more recently, possibly last Sunday. If MetroPCS follows past practice current users are grandfathered, so $40 plans activated before the change should continue to get 6 GB and additional family plan lines added before Oct 1 will not see a price increase.

The increased hotspot data is a positive change but the other two obviously aren't. I'm especially surprised by the reduced data on the $40 plan. Industry-wide data prices have been dropping. Plus, the $40 plan was increased to 6 GB just three months ago, so why lower it now?

The multi-line pricing increase puts Metro at a serious competitive disadvantage to Sprint's Boost Mobile and AT&T's Cricket at most price points. For example, 5 lines with 5 GB of high speed data costs $160/month on MetroPCS, compared with 5 lines of unlimited on Boost for $130 or 5 lines with 8 GB of high speed data on Cricket for $150.  But Cricket is rumored to be making negative changes to its multi-line plans Oct 22 and Boost's current multi-line promotional pricing is scheduled to end 11/2 so maybe MetroPCS' prices won't look so bad a month from now.

See my Prepaid Operator Profile: MetroPCS for details of all MetroPCS plans and features.  See my Prepaid Family Plans Compared post for a matrix comparing multi-line plan prices for two through five lines across all prepaid operators.


Source: Prepaidphonenews.com

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