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Simple Mobile Increases Data on One of Its Plans.

August 31, 2017



Two TracFone owned MVNOs have recently announced that they have added more data to their plans. These two MVNOs are Simple Mobileand Straight Talk.

Simple Mobile 

The T-Mobile MVNO has upped the amount of data available in one of its cell phone plans.

Starting today, Simple Mobile's $40/month plan now includes 6GB of 4G LTE data instead of the regular 4GB of data. The data included under this plan is unlimited but gets throttled to 2G or around 64 kbps as soon as the high speed data allotment under the plan has already been consumed.

The $40/month plan does not include taxes and fees, which means it costs extra. With auto pay enrollment, the plan goes down to $37.50 and $30 with a subscription under Amazon Prime. Other features included under this plan are unlimited talk, text, and international talk and text. While traveling in Mexico, users may enjoy free talk, text, and data roaming. Data used while roaming in Mexico will be counted towards the high speed data allotment in the U.S.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is another prepaid MVNO reported to be increasing data on its plans. But unlike Simple Mobile, Straight Talk has not yet confirmed this rumor.

Based on a post found on Howard Forums, the MVNO operating across all four networks, is said to be increasing the data allotment on its $45 plan. So instead of the original 8GB of data included in the plan, users will get to enjoy 10GB of data. The report comes from BestMVNO who found a comment on Howard Forums of an individual who found the information at a local Walmart. The data increase is said to start on August 22.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation regarding this data increase available on the website of the MVNO. Because of this, it could be a Walmart-exclusive deal that's only available to Walmart customers who subscribe to a Straight Talk plan through the retail store. And since this sort of exclusive deal has happened a few times in the past, it wouldn't be unlikely. 

But if you plan on signing up with Straight Talk's $45 plan, you may want to check with your local Walmart retailer so you can know for sure whether or not the offer is exclusive to Walmart customers.

Update 9/30: BestMVNO has posted images of Straight Talk SIM plus airtime kits at a Walmart with a "Now 10 GB" sticker on the $45 plan kit and a "Now 15 GB" sticker on a $55 plan kit. The $55 plan normally includes 12 GB. A PPN reader was unable to find similar stickers at a Kansas City Walmart suggesting that the data increase might be a limited to SIMs purchased at Walmarts in certain test markets. Readers, please leave a comment if you have spotted SIM kits or other signage mentioning Straight Talk data increases at your local Walmart.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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