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MintSIM Drops Promo, Launches New Plan Structure

July 28, 2017


When Ultra Mobile launched its MintSIM MVNO brand, they offered it with a discount for customers who were willing to pay for their service in advance. The T-Mobile MVNO offered a promotion that gave up to 50% off to customers who purchased 3 months of service in advance. Once that time was up, the monthly prices of the plans went back up.

But after running the promotion for a year, other carriers followed their initiative and launched a similar campaign. Priding itself on being unique, MintSIM has announced that they will no longer be offering the promotion. In its place, the MVNO has decided to change the prices on its plans and start offering it as Clever AF (3 months), Still Really Clever (6 months), and Cleverer AF (12 months).

Back in November, we shared MintSIM's plan pricing structure as this: 

  • 2 GB high speed data: $35/month, $69/3 months ($23/month), $119/6 months ($19.83/month), $199/12 months ($16.58/month) 

  • 5 GB high speed data: $50/month, $99/3 months ($33/month), $169/6 months ($28.17/month), $299/12 months ($24.92/month) 

  • 10 GB high speed data: $60/month, $119/3 months ($39.67/month), $209/6 months ($34.83/month), $399/12 months ($33.25/month)

With today's new announcement, the plans offered by the MVNO now look like this:

  • 2 GB high speed data: $45/3 months ($15/month), $108/6 months ($18/month), $180/12 months ($15/month) 

  • 5 GB high speed data: $60/3 months ($20/month), $144/6 months ($24/month), $240/12 months ($20/month) 

  • 10 GB high speed data: $75/3 months ($25/month), $180/6 months ($30/month), $300/12 months ($25/month)

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data that refreshes every month.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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