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Boom Mobile No Longer Including Unlimited Talk With Some Plans

July 28, 2017

Multicarrier (Verizon and Sprint) MVNO Boom Mobile is no longer offering unlimited voice minutes on four of its lower cost "Boom Red"(Verizon Network) plans. Three of the four affected plans are for 3G devices only. The changed plans are:

  • $19.99 3G devices only - Was unlimited minutes, unlimited text, no data; Now 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, no data.

  • $19.99 4G devices only - Was unlimited minutes, unlimited text, 250 MB data; Now 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 MB data.

  • $24.99 3G devices only - Was unlimited minutes, unlimited text, 500 MB data; Now 2000 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data.

  • $29.99 3G devices only - Was unlimited minutes, unlimited text, 1 GB data; Now 2500 minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB data.


I'm not surprised that minutes have been capped, but I am surprised that the caps are as low as they are. Selling "unlimited" anything is a delicate balancing act for MVNOs. The carriers generally charge MVNOs by the minute, text and MB of data, so customers that use too much of anything cost the MVNO money.  I believe that all MVNOs have secret caps on their unlimited services. I've heard rumors that these caps run from 3000 - 6000 for voice minutes and 4000 - 10000 for texts.  For Boom to cap the minutes as low as they did suggests that Verizon has significantly raised its wholesale per minute rate. The fact that it's mostly 3G device plans that were affected might mean that Verizon is trying to get 3G devices off its network in preparation for it's planned end of 2019 2G shutdown. Verizon 3G is data-only so without 2G, 3G phones will be unable to make or receive calls. 


In other Boom Mobile news, it looks like Boom no longer offers service on the T-Mobile network. There were only two T-Mobile based plans and they weren't very competitively priced so I don't think they will be missed. 


There have been no changes to Boom's other plans. See our Prepaid Operator Profile - Boom Mobile post for a complete listing of Boom plans and features.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com


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