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Report: T-Mobile has Fastest Average Download Speeds among Big Four

July 19, 2017

T-Mobile is claiming that according to a new report from broadband testing firm Ookla, the wireless carrier remains the fastest network among the Big Four operators in the United States, specifically in terms of clocking the highest average download speeds. Through a blog post on T-Mobile’s official website, Neville Ray, the chief technical officer of the company, described how the carrier has topped the connection speed and LTE availability categories. Although a spokesperson for Ookla has stated that the report is yet to be released, the company has reportedly been made aware of T-Mobile’s claim before Ray had published the blog post.

Apart from highlighting T-Mobile’s dominance in speed and quality of LTE network, Ray also took the opportunity to point out how the performances of industry leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T have dropped ever since the two started offering unlimited data options to their respective subscribers. According to the CTO, the Big Red is now down to third place with an average download speed of 22.7 mbps behind AT&T’s 23 mbps, in the first full quarter since offering unlimited. As for T-Mobile, it has a comfortable lead with an average download speed of 26.9 mbps.

In terms of LTE availability, Ray claims that T-Mobile has managed to surpass Verizon Wireless, garnering a 91.5 percent score over the Big Red’s 90.2 percent. AT&T was a distant third at 83.4 percent. Ray credits T-Mobile’s continuous improvement to its rapid LTE expansion. In the blog post, it was mentioned that the carrier has doubled its LTE coverage since 2015, now serving 315 million users across America. It now looks to cover six million more people by year’s end.

2017 looks to be an interesting period for the wireless industry, as mobile operators start to transition from today’s LTE to the much faster 5G. With online consumption of media higher than ever, more and more consumers now are evaluating wireless service providers based on download speeds and network availability. And test results and reports such as those released by Ookla are increasingly being used by wireless carriers to provide proof, so to speak, of the quality of their services. Of course, not all reports are the same, and Verizon would not hesitate to point out how it has the fastest network according to other testers (like PCMag.com, for instance).


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