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GoPhone Launches New Unlimited Data Plan, Adds More Data to $45 Plan

March 14, 2017


AT&T today announced a new unlimited plan for its prepaid division GoPhone. The new plan comes with unlimited data for $65 per month. However, download speeds on this plan are limited to 3Mbps, video at 480p resolution and streaming at 1.5Mbps. In addition, the plan includes unlimited talk and text and free roaming in Canada and Mexico. GoPhone launches new Unlimited Data Plan starting today.

New $65 plan can be $5 cheaper, $60 per month, if customers enroll in auto pay. AT&T also said that data speeds on this plan will be slightly slowed at time of network congestion when 22 GB of data usage is reached in a monthly cycle.


Another offer from GoPhone for customers who don’t need unlimited access to high speed data include $45 plan. For $45 per month or $40 with auto pay, customers get unlimited talk, text and data with 6GB at high speed. For the same money, GoPhone used to offer 4GB at high speed so this is 50% data increase. After high speed data allotment, AT&T’s prepaid division throttles data speeds to 128Kbps until the next billing cycle.


New GoPhone Prepaid Plan Offerings

AT&T doesn’t say if previous GoPhone’s $60/8GB plan will continue to be available to new customers. If that would be the case, new GoPhone prepaid plan offerings will look like this:

  • $30 plan ($25 with autopay) – unlimited talk, text and unlimited messaging to Mexico, Canada and over 100 countries; data can be added for $5 per 250MB – old

  • $45 plan ($40 with autopay) – unlimited talk, text and data with 6GB at high speed (was 4GB) – new

  • $60 plan ($55 with autopay) – unlimited talk, text and data with 8GB at high speed – old

  • $65 plan ($60 with autopay) – unlimited talk, text and data with download speeds limited to 3Mbps, video at 480p resolution and streaming at 1.5Mbps – new

All plans come with free data roaming and calls and texts to and from Canada and Mexico. Also, all plans qualify for multi-line discounts.


In addition, GoPhone is offering $20 off select smartphones for a limited time. Until April 20, a new line of service can choose from the Samsung Galaxy Express 3, Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, LG Phoenix 2, and the Apple iPhone 5s.



Limiting maximum download speeds on the new $65 plan to 3 Mbps is not that uncommon. AT&T limits Cricket’s LTE overall to 8Mbps, HSPA+ to 4Mbps while Verizon limits LTE on all of its MVNOs to 5Mbps. At least, hopefully, to reach three to four times faster data speeds, GoPhone customers can choose the old $60 plan with 8GB of high speed data.


Source: Prepaidmobilephonereviews.com

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