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Selectel Wireless Migrating to Prepaid Platform Next Month

January 31, 2017


Yesterday, a source shared information that Selectel Wireless had made an important move. According to MrGW, the MVNO will be migrating from Verizon's Postpaid platform to Prepaid under the same network.

By switching to prepaid, Selectel is said to be able to have more competitive offers on its products. Unfortunately, this also means that free roaming will no longer be included. In its place, a small allowance for roaming could be implemented. Normally, the rate for additional roaming is 25 cents a minute. 

The information divulged by the source was shared on HowardForums. Selectel originally informed its dealers about this change so we should expect to see more details released soon. The migration process is said to be anticipated to occur within the next 30 to 45 days.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews

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