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FreedomPop Now Offering Free AT&T LTE Mobile Broadband Service

December 16, 2016


Freemium Sprint MVNO and global roaming SIM operator FreedomPop has started offering LTE data service on the AT&T network. Details are sketchy at this point, but according to a story in RCRWireless News, FreedomPop is selling SIMs for the new service for $10 and hotspots for $30.

I couldn't find any GSM LTE SIMs on the FreedomPop site, but the hotspot (a refurbished MiFi2 with SIM) for the new service is available for $39.99 here. The FreedomPop site seems rather flaky today. If you get an HTTP 400 Bad Request error, try using incognito mode.

According to the FreedomPop site, there's a free LTE GSM plan that includes 200 MB per month for free. Paid options are $7.99 for 500 MB/month, $13.99 for 1 GB/month, $24.99 for $2 GB/month, $32.99 for 3 GB/month and $39.99 for 4 GB/month.

The $39.99 hotspot offer comes with a free month on the 1 GB plan as well as a free month of FreedomPop's $9.99 Premier package which adds data rollover, data compression, usage alerts, premium support, online security. Unless you want the extra paid data and Premier package be  sure to cancel both before the first month is over to avoid being charged. See our Prepaid Operator Profile: FreedomPop for step by step instructions for downgrading to the fre plan and cancelling the Premier add-on as well as how to easily get an additional 500 MB/month for free with FreedomFriends.

The new FreedomPop LTE GSM service is different from the Global GSM service that FreedomPop has been offering since January. The LTE GSM service works on in AT&T only, whereas Global GSM, which doesn't offer LTE data, works in 25 countries including the US, where it uses both T-Mobile and AT&T.

In addition to LTE GSM and Global GSM, FreedomPop also offers LTE and 3G data service on the Sprint network. The FreedomPop site doesn't always make the distinction between GSM and Sprint service clear when you are ordering hotspots or phones. If it doesn't say GSM, it's Sprint. Another way to distinguish between Sprint and GSM based FreedomPop products is that the free plan on
the Sprint service includes 500 MB/month while all the free GSM plans only come with 200 MB/month.


Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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