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RingPlus to Discontinue Non-Mad Plans on Dec. 1st

November 23, 2016


RingPlus CEO, Karl Seelig, earlier made an announcement in the form of a post under their RingPlus Social forum. The announcement follows the news that the MVNO would no longer be continuing some of its plans at the end of the billing cycle. Apart from confirming the report, Seelig explains why this is a necessary action from the company. Since Seelig is still in the process of negotiating with other parties, he was only able to give some updates to the upcoming changes.

According to the CEO, RingPlus is in the process of switching its technology. At the same time, they are developing new technologies that would include a Smart and VoIP Dialer applications. These technologies will soon be available and would be replacing the decommissioned ones. Because of this, the CEO encourages its RingPlus users to move to a "Mad" plan. The reason behind this was because they were unable to run the two technologies simultaneously. Seelig explained that they had expected to be able to do both but realized it was not possible.

Additionally, RingPlus says that they weren't able to meet its projected Member growth in the last two quarters. Currently, the MVNO has less than 120,000 Members. In order to gain the advertisement revenue predicted so they can reach the break-even level, they need to have a minimum of 500,000 Members. Because of this, RingPlus has adjusted the free plan allotment closer to their competitors.

The CEO again encouraged all Members on affected plans to switch to an available alternate technology, which would route wireless phone services directly over the Sprint Nationwide Network. Unfortunately, the technology is unable to provide discounted plans with high allotments as they were previously able to do so by playing interactive sponsored content.

Because the company was unable to reach 500,000 Members audience threshold, the MVNO is no longer able to sustain its high allotment plans. Starting Dec. 1, 2016, all plans (except for the Mad Plans) will no longer be renewed at the end of the billing cycle. RingPlus encourages its Members to switch to one of the currently available plans they offer on the website.


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