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Pageplus Adds more data to their plans

November 11, 2016


TracFone's Page Plus Cellular Verizon MVNO added more data to its two most expensive plans today:

  • The $55 ($50 with autopay) per month plan now includes 8 GB of high speed data instead of 5 GB

  • The $69.95  ($64 with autopay) plan goes from 7 GB to 10 GB of high speed data


Both plans also include unlimited 64 Kbps throttled data after the first 8 or 10 GB as well as unlimited international texts and a $10/month international call credit.

These data increases by Page Plus follow similar recent increases by AT&T's Cricket and GoPhone, Verizon Prepaid and T-Mobile's MetroPCS. While more data is always nice, when compared with its most direct competitor, Verizon Prepaid, Page Plus' new plans are unimpressive. Starting Nov 13, 10 GB on Verizon Prepaid is $70/month, a mere 5¢ more than Page Plus. However, Verizon Prepaid's plans include hotspot and tethering, a higher 128 Kbps throttled data speed, 24/7 support and data that rolls over for 30 days, all of which Page Plus lacks.


> Click here for full article


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