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Boost Mobile Launches new promos for Q4

November 1, 2016


After a disastrous Q3 it seems like Boost Mobile has decided to bring back their Free Phone on Port-In Promo along with the $35/mth plan with 2GB and $60/mth family share plan.  The promos are as follows.


Phone Promos:


Free Alcatel Dawn on Port-in, $39.99 new activation

Free LG K3 on Port-in, $29.99 new activation

The port-in customer must have not been a Boost Mobile customer for the past 90 days to qualify for the port-in promo.


Plan Promos:


$35/mth Unlimited Talk/Text/Web 2GB 4G LTE

$60/mth 2 Lines Unlimited Talk/Text/Web 2GB 4G LTE,  $30/mth each additional line


Looks like Boost Mobile is regretting the moves they made at the beginning of Q3 when they removed these exact same promos.  After a loss of 420K+ subcscribers for that quarter something had to be done to soften the blow that they are taking.  The bigger question here is can they get back on track?  Or where they ever really on track?  For Q2 didn't treat them very nicely either.  Looks like it's going to be a long road ahead for Boost Mobile if they plan to catch up to Cricket and Metro PCS.  


Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer Group


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