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Not everyone needs unlimited data?

August 5, 2016

Yesterday, T-Mobile US quietly launched their new SmartFit plan.  A plan constructed to help users guage how much data they use so that they may be placed on an appropriate plan.


So how does it work?  It's actually pretty simple, first the customer must sign up and choose SmartFit.  At a cost of $65/mo they customer will get one month of unlimited talk/ text/ data and 14GB of tethering on their smartphone.  The customer is urged to use their new phone like they normally would and after 30 days SmartFit analyses the usage and recommends the right plan for the customer.  At that point the customer has the option to take SmartFit's recommendation or stay on T-Mobile's most popular plan of 6GB high speed data for $65/mo.  The available plan oftions are as follows:


$50/mo 2GB high speed

&65/mo 6GB high speed

$80/mo 10GB high speed

$95/mo Unlimited high speed


This is a great way to situate the customer with the right fit plan and in the long run will help reduce T-Mobile's churn.  By fitting the customer with a proper plan the customer isn't overpaying and getting enough data to meet their needs.  At the same time T-Mobile is maintaining the customer happy and satisfied which will result in the customer less likely to port out to another carrier.


All in all this is a win win for T-mobile and the customer and for see this as being a success and quite possibly seeing other carriers implementing something similar


Sound off below with your thoughts


Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer



Source: T-mobile.com


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